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CZUR® Overhead Scanner


Scan a single page in less than 1 second.

Under normal circumstances you can not scan such a document with the classic desktop industrial heavy-duty scanners. CZUR® The ET16 can scan this document in 1 second and pass it through #OCR and save it as 300 dpi TIFF, JPEG or PDF. Thanks to its portability, it does not take up space, but using an image compression algorithm, it can reduce an image of 30 MB to 2 MB.

CZUR® ET16 A3 Book and document browser. Single page for 1 sec. The scanner uses a digital camera based scanning system with an HD CMOS sensor, which helps to scan much faster than the conventional linear image sensor based system. Can be integrated with EMS, DYS, ECM systems.

CZUR® Digital Camera Based System
Geleneksel doğrusal görüntü algılayıcı tabanlı sistem yerine, CZUR® çok daha hızlı taramaya yardımcı olan bir dijital kamera tabanlı tarama sistemi kullanıyoruz. Geleneksel lineer görüntü sensörü tarayıcıları ile, sensör dizisi ve ışık kaynağı, bölmeyi geçip tüm alanı okumak ve daha sonra çıkarılan bir sonraki sayfayı taramadan önce geriye gitmek gerekiyor. CZUR® ET16 tamamen farklı çalışır. Dokümanın objektifinin altına, bir fotoğraf makinesine çok benzer şekilde yerleştirilmiş bir anlık görüntüsü var, bu yüzden inanılmaz derecede hızlı. EBYS DYS sistemleri ile birlikte çalışabilir, taradığınız belgeleri hemen EBYS DYS sisteminin içine yükleyebilirsiniz.

CZUR® scanner is a new type of smart scanner (PDF, searchable PDF, TIFF, or text documents) with the ability to recognize and fix extremely high scan speeds, curved, misplaced or dirty pages, and the ability to quickly and easily convert scanned pages to more useful formats. It can operate as a browser to a PC (with a USB cable) or a smartphone (when connected to a CZUR® application via a Wi-Fi connection). , Input to the visual display device via HDMI cable (not included). The CZUR® Scanner can automatically process difficult or time-consuming pages for scanning using built-in algorithms. For example, CZUR® automatically smooths curved pages

CZUR® (Using laser strokes), deleting fingerprints, automatically splitting double pages into two, and correcting incorrect pages. This allows very large books to be scanned and archived very quickly. It is a completely new approach to scanning, and you can shorten your scanning time by simple or complex tasks such as document digitizing, archiving and sharing. CZUR® Price range is different from any scanner.

CZUR® SONY 16M-Pixel HD CMOS Sensor
CZUR® The ET16 is equipped with a 16M-Pixel HD CMOS Sensor compared to commonly used CCD sensors in other overhead scanners and does not limit the number of CZUR® data reading channels, which is why CZUR® data reading is faster. When the scanner is in question, CZUR® means ultra fast scanning.

ABBYY FlexiCapture® integrated in our CubeBox® Digital Archive System is the most advanced and maturing data capture and OCR / ICR system. It provides data capture on scanned images in PDF, JPG, TIFF documents and even digitally born documents such as Word and Excel, and at the same time transforms such documents into inputable PDF document types. With CZUR ET16 you can easily manage your documents in our digital archive and document management system.

Make Your Office Green and Sustainable
A document management and electronic archive system that is compatible with all sectors and other software provides many benefits to your business; With Advanced Cryptographic Document Security, you gain controlled access to your documents, and you can control which documents can access which documents. You have a full history (audit trail) when a user views, prints, emails, or edits a document. You can see all the edits that the documents have been changed or updated for PDF documents and program files. (eg MS Word, Excel, etc.), your documents can be stored encrypted, Quickly create documents, export according to date ranges.

Easily scan with CZUR ET16, transfer your computer, manage your documents, encrypt it, or keep it in the document management and digital archive system like the classic windows directory. Reduce the cost of your business, remove paper dependency altogether, and switch to a biometric signature-compliant system. It is possible to achieve all these and more with CZUR ET16.

CZUR® CPU and Memory
CZUR® the browser needs not only to capture the image but also to process the image. The CZUR® ET16 has a 1GB DDR3 cache, a 2GB NAND flash memory, a 480MHz 32-bit MIPS CPU, and the ET16 completes image processing (flattening, fingering, auto-cropping, skewing, etc.) And neatly

CZUR® for Load, Process, Storage and Sharing.

CZUR® Loading
ET will automatically load scanned files into the Czur® Cloud when connected to the internete, so you can access your scanned files anytime, at any time. You can work with CZUR® EBYS DYS systems, and you can immediately load the documents you scan into the EBYS DYS system.

CZUR® Processing
Taranan bir görüntü yüklendiğinde, Czur® Cloud otomatik olarak görüntüyü işleyecektir. İhtiyacınız varsa bulutta OCR bile çalıştırabilirsiniz.

CZUR® Storage
Each Czur Cloud account owns a storage area of 10 GB of free space that is sufficient to store and manage your scanned files. You will never be losing your scanned files, they are always waiting for you.

If you create a share link and send it to anyone you want to share, you can download the files online.

Viewer and Document Camera Function
With the 16M-Pixel camera on board, the ET16 can easily work as a visualizer and document.

Connecting an external monitor / projector via HDMI will view / monitor everything the camera sees in real time with 1080p full HD resolution at a frame rate of 30 fps.

Optic Image sensor   : HD CMOS
Sensor Resolution: 16MP
Optic Resolution   : 4608 X 3456
Scan Speed        : <1p / page
Source of light       : Ambient Light + Auxiliary Light
CZUR® Max Document Size : A3
Focus mode    : Auto Focus
Video resolution  : 1080p (1920 x 1080)
CZUR® Video Frame Rate    : 30fps
Video Output format : MJPEG / YUV
Image Output Format: JPG / PDF / TIFF
Color Depth     : 24 bit

CZUR® GeneralCache    : 1Gbit DDR
CZUR® Storage            : 1Gbit Nand Flash
CZUR® WIFI Module        : Flush
CZUR® Multi Beam Laser     : Flush
CZUR® MIC                  : Gömme
CZUR® TFT Ekran          : 2.4 inç, 4: 3, No Touch Screen
CZUR® IndicatorsPower Status, WiFi Connection Status, Scan Status
Power source External adapter, input 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz, output 9V / 2A
Dimensions (G x D x Y)37.5cm (L) * 22cm (B) * 39 (H) cm
CZUR® Weight 2KG

A3 Document Browser
Price No Problem
444 1 335