ABBYY Recognition Server

ABBYY Recognition Server provides powerful server-based OCR functionality for automatic document capture and PDF conversion. Designed for medium and high volume batch processing, it enables companies and scanning service providers to create cost-effective processes for converting paper, TIFF, JPEG and PDF image documents into full-text search and electronic files suitable for long-term searches.

Automatic conversion to PDF and PDF / A formats

It allows digitizing large document collections and converting scannings to PDF or PDF / A-formats that can be stored electronically and archived.

Enterprise Level Document Conversion Service

Provides an OCR and document conversion service that employees or customers can access online anytime and anywhere.

Creating Full-Text Searchable SharePoint Libraries

Produces searchable text for scanned or faxed documents stored in Microsoft® SharePoint® libraries to enable indexing with the SharePoint search engine.

Increasing Productivity with ABBYY Recognition Server

Screening Service Providers

Convert documents scanned in high volumes in a short period of time. Run concurrent document conversion operations for different clients on a server. Deliver searchable documents in multiple output formats and more than 190 languages ​​using state-of-the-art ABBYY recognition technologies.

Banks and Insurers

Strengthen business processes such as mortgage applications or insurance claims operations with a full text search option. Archive all documents related to a specific case or customer for long-term protection in PDF or PDF / A format and find them in seconds.

Law Offices and Law Departments

Archive all documents, contracts, and faxes related to the case as searchable PDFs. Use metadata and smart file naming to categorize and tag files. Find relevant documents and quotations quickly.