Fleet Rental Companies

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SECUBE Informatics offers not only software but also a platform that will meet your needs, increase the added value of your organization and provide efficiency. He is working to provide "productivity" beyond ready solutions by combining technology with knowledge, manufacturing power and experience of internal and external specialists.

The following services are available for fleet leasing companies;

  • Translate ABBYY products to jpg den word
  • Automatic processing of incoming traffic penalty records
  • Fleet rental software integration services

Fleet leasing companies improve their profitability if they manage information properly. Choosing and using the right software for your fleet rental companies will add value to your fleet rental company. Since our establishment, we have services for image processing, text conversion, integration services, software solutions, banking, insurance and retail sectors. For fleet leasing companies, we offer software solutions for searchable e-archive systems, document management systems and fleet management, especially from content.

Do not hesitate to contact us for our special services to the fleet rental companies.

Project Description

As fleet leasing companies, we automatically process traffic fines from your institution and integrate them with applications you use like ERP, CRM, DYS and provide you with an automated process from start to finish.


  • Electronic Signature Application
  • Biometric Signature Application
  • Signature Asset Identification and Comparison Software
  • Consultancy
  • Check MICR Code Reading Application
  • Check, Invoice, Waybill, Document Digitization (ICR / OCR / OMR) Central American, Baltic and Slavic languages, as well as American and European languages, as well as Greek and Turkish are supported. Hebrews and at the same time four Asian languages: Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Korean
  • Fast and Flexible Applications
  • Besides text recognition, we offer powerful compression features without sacrificing quality 20 times for PDF files thanks to compression technology


  • In your fleet rental unit Transmission of traffic penalty records in the correspondence unit to the digital medium There is no need to process penalties with the help of Excel or Word
  • SECUBE Informatics TCTCube specially developed for fleet leasing companies, due to the application of the named traffic punishment is included in the system and paid
  • Fleet leasing companies save time and time on this
  • You can increase productivity by channeling your employees to other jobs
  • As the biggest problem of fleet rental companies, traffic fines are processed immediately, you will benefit from early payment benefits

Work Areas

  • Workflow management systems
  • Enterprise Secure / encrypted electronic mail software
  • Image Processing Technologies
  • Enterprise crypto instant messaging systems
  • Original crypto algorithms
  • E-Government applications
  • Enterprise application platform
  • Fax server systems
  • Unconventional renewable energy systems
  • Conventional renewable energy systems
  • Embedded system software
  • "Big data" databases and applications
  • Object-based databases and applications
  • Desktop, WEB and mobile applications