Traffic Management Systems

Dynamic Junction Control System

GDynamic Junction Control System, CHAOS®- optimizes signalization durations at junctions based on vehicle densities. CHAOS consists of two sub modules.Details

Vehicle Counting System

VIERO® Vehicle Counting System, VIERO®, is able to count vehicles with its image based analysis capability 24/7, under any weather condition. The system can send the analyses to a remote center via network connection.Details

Dynamic Junction Control Unit

CENTRIS is a unit that provides remote management and control of signalized junctions. The unit is integrated with the Junction Controllers and provides remote management of phase durations and operation mode of Junction Controller, notifies the operators about malfunctions at the junctions and enables remote monitoring of the junctions in real time.Details

Traffic Analysis System

Bluetooth Based Traffic Analysis System, BLUESIS, can calculate average travel time between two or more installation points in real-time and shares the information with drivers on mobile platforms and/or Variable Message Signs (VMS).Details

Electronics Enforcement Systems

Automated Number Plate Recognition Systems

POINTR 3000 and POINTR Moonlight are our integrated ANPR system that recognize number plates, brands, and colors of the vehicles within a x range. Both systems are capable of storing captured data in the internal memory or transmitting to a remote server via the internet.Details

Red Light Enforcement Systems

POINTR K3000, POINTR K3000 detect the vehicles that violate red lights. Both systems improve traffic safety by minimizing the risk of traffic accidents’ occurrence due to red light violations.Details

Corridor Speed Enforcement Systems

Speed Corridor Enforcement Systems detect the vehicles that violates speed limit in a corridor. This improves road safety by minimizing the risk of speed violation related accidents.Details

Parking Enforcement Systems

POINTR P2000 automatically detects parking violations and records the license plate number of the violating vehicles.Details


Traffic Management Center Software

METIS is a completely web-based traffic control center software that serves as a part of our Junction Traffic Management System CHAOS. The system utilizes digital maps and network connections to communicate with and control junctions in real-time according to the international standards. METIS is capable of providing statistical analysis to traffic operators based on historical and live traffic data.Details




Tunnel Incident Detection System

SPECTO is an image based Automatic Incident Detection system that improves traffic response times by informing operators of incidents occurring in tunnels ASAP. SPECTO is integratable with any analogue/digital camera systems previously deployed in tunnels.Details

Traffic Simulation Software

VISSIM Traffic Simulation

PTV Vissim is the ideal tool for state-of-the-art transportation planning and operations analysis. The software is designed to assist you in realistically simulating and balancing roadway capacity as well as traffic and transport demand.Details

VISUM Transport Strategy

PTV Visum is a comprehensive, flexible software system for strategic traffic and transport planning. Around the globe, the system is used for metropolitan, regional and state-wide infrastructure planning.Details

VISTRO Traffic Impact

PTV Vistro is the ideal tool for all your traffic analysis needs. Its intuitive user interface places all functions at your fingertips so that you can keep traffic flowing at the touch of a button.Details

VISWALK Pedestrain Traffic Simulation

Walking always was and remains the most prevalent mode of transport. But unlike vehicles, pedestrians do not follow strict rules. They spontaneously stop, change directions or make sudden turns. We have accepted the challenge and have developed a solution that takes into account the psychology of human walking behaviour.Details


AutoTURN Vehicle Swept Path Analysis & Turn Simulation

AutoTURN® is used to confidently analyze road and site design projects including intersections, roundabouts, bus terminals, loading bays, parking lots or any on/off-street assignments involving vehicle access checks, clearances, vehicle tracking and swept path maneuvers.

ParkCAD Powerful Cad Software for Designing Parking Sites

ParkCAD® is an advanced CAD software that gives users the right tools to design parking layouts quicker and smarter than traditional CAD methods.

TORUS Roundabouts A Comprehensıve Approach to Your Roundabout Design

TORUS® gives you the right tools to design roundabouts smarter and more efficiently. It generates initial geometry honoring reference criteria, and provides real-time feedback regarding recommended dimensional and analytical ranges. Make edits to your design parameters and get instant feedback during the process.

NEXUS Intersections A Modern Approach to Design

NEXUS® is the ultimate junction design solution for new construction and rehabilitation projects offering vehicle operations, geometric design, and safety performances together in one comprehensive package.