SignCUBE, which is an electronic signature application, Can be used with applications. MSignCUBE is also available for mobile devices. msigncub A; Mobile signature server, Turkcell, Avea, Vodafone can work with. In addition, it provides access to the system with a mobile signature and the signing of one or more documents.

Project Description

An electronic or digital signature is not different in nature from a wet signature on a piece of paper with a pen. In other words, they will have the same result in legal care. The only difference between them is that one is on paper and the other is in electronic form. According to the Electronic Signature Law dated January 15, 2004 and numbered 5070, the secure electronic signature provided by the authorized Electronic Certificate Service Providers gives the same legal result as the hand-held signature. The signature we use in many transactions has some consequences. The signature affirms that the text under which it is signed is read, understood, as well as the identity of the person who has confirmed it, that many responsibilities attributed to him are accepted and legally attached to it. In short, the signature indicates that every result of the document being received is accepted. This document may be a letter, instruction, check, bond, contract, application form or any other similar document. The fact that these documents are different does not remove the nature of the signature. Any document approved by signature is closed to all kinds of discussions.


  • Signature creation and signature verification approved by the Public Certification Center in international standards
  • Fully integrated with SGB.Net Electronic Document Management System or working alone, easy integration with corporate applications
  • Window Presentation Foundation (WPF) technology
  • Application wizard type interfaces
  • Signed document or documents in the file system can not open the timeline
  • With ClickOnce technology, intelligent installation via WEB and operation via WEB, automatic update
  • Tübitak Electronic Certification Sub-Structure (ESYA) software development library
  • Can be used with all Certificates of Qualified Electronic Certificate (NES) type
  • All signature types
  • Serial, parallel and discrete signature
  • Bulk paper signing
  • Compatible with all manufacturer certifications


  • The e-signature created in accordance with the law provides a legal basis for the approval process performed on the computer or electronic environment.
  • Remove the paper from the center. It provides quick access to sent data, reducing printing, paper, mailing and archiving costs.
  • It confirms that the information or data sent by a user is definitely sent by that person. In short, it guarantees that it is not sent by someone else. Therefore, the likelihood of being imitated as in the classical sign also ceases to exist. The sender can not claim that he has not sent or received the receiver.
  • It prevents any information or data sent by a user from being passed on or modified by someone else.
  • The information sent and the contents of the data can not be denied by the sender or the receiver. Because it can not change its content after submission, including the signer.
  • It provides stigmatization of submitted data in terms of date, and provides ease of use in platform and language independent applications of archiving facility

Usage Ways

Stratek application can be used in three ways. These:

Fully integrated with SGB.Net System


Integrates with enterprise applications

There are application wizard interfaces for all three types of usage. On these interfaces:

Display of documents to be signed, document content and if any previous signatures to be displayed,

Displaying the certificates on the smart card or cards in the USB stick or stick and selecting the desired electronic certificate, showing certificate verification results and electronic certificate details.

Verification of previous signatures, verification of signer's signature, signing,

Display of documents to be signed, document content and if any previous signatures to be displayed,

Submission of signed files to Electronic Document Management System (for SGB.Net)

Signing end functions are performed

E-Sing Kinds

  • CAdES–BES (Simple signature)
  • CAdES–EPES(Signature policy simple signature)
  • CAdES–T (Electronic signature with time stamp attached)
  • CAdES–C (Signature with references to all verification data)
  • CAdES–X-Long (Genişletilmiş uzun elektronik imza)
  • CAdES-X-Type 1 (Extended long electronic signature)
  • CAdES-X-Type 2 (Extended electronic signature type 2 timed)
  • CAdES-X-Long Type 1 and 2 (Extended long electronic signature type 1 and 2 timed)
  • CAdES-A (Archive electronic signature)

A digital signature is a combination of two key cryptography techniques, open and hidden, which works with the encryption and compression logic of a signature to be signed by the signer, and digitally encapsulates the digested digest. However, this process alone is not enough, and there is also an organization called authentication authority and authentication. Another task of this organization is to keep a copy of the submitted documents in a way that no one can reach. The approval authority confirms and records the identity of the person in advance. Electronic certificate issuance is required for third parties or institutions to determine the identities of senders and receivers of messages. The institutions that issue these certificates are called "Certification Authority", "Approval Authority" or "Approval Authority". The certificate is issued by the Approval Authority and is digitally signed. Certificate; An electronic document containing the username and its public key and verifying that the private key belongs to the user.

  • Electronic Document Management Systems
  • Document and Archive Management Systems
  • Hospital Information Management Systems
  • Military Systems
  • Lawyer, notary public, financial consulting practices
  • E-government applications
  • Financial, Budget and Financial Systems,
SignCUBE E-Sign
SignCUBE E-Sign
SignCUBE E-Sign
SignCUBE E-Sign
SignCUBE E-Sign